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Tammie Fleming

Property Manager

Tammie Fleming brings over two decades of invaluable industry experience to her role as Property Manager at Ray White Mansfield. Her wealth of expertise encompasses a background in real estate and property legal services, providing a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in property management. Tammie's attention to detail and effective communication skills set her apart in the field, ensuring a high level of service for her clients.

Given the dynamic and ever-changing nature of property management, Tammie's ability to remain attuned to industry shifts and adapt swiftly is a significant asset. Her drive, competitiveness, and unwavering focus position her to deliver the utmost level of service, contributing to a robust reputation in the real estate sector.

Beyond her professional expertise, Tammie has always maintained a strong connection with our region, more recently making it her permanent home. Her genuine passion for the area further enriches her dedication to providing exceptional property management services to our community.

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